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*Academy Award Nominee Robert Loggia*

Summer Los Angeles 2015


When Laurel Rosenberg and A- List Actor Robert Loggia met, he was excited to star in the

Sizzler Real of SIZZLING SENIORS produced by Laurel Rosenberg Entertainment and Rollcallpictures.


Celebrity Robert Loggia and his wife Audrey Loggia were/are happy to support this project and believe in the success of "Sizzling Seniors," as they truly know and understand what it means to be a Senior... be "Alive"...and know "Age is just a Number."

Laurel Rosenberg now reaches out for Investors to produce or assist in  the process of bringing the Television Show to reality. 

*Ex Comedy Studio Boss Dan Fauci believes in
Sizzling Seniors*

Spring/Summer Studio City, Los Angeles, CA 2015


Dan Fauci was the Chief of Comedy for 12 years at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles and is  well known throughout the Entertinment Industry. He mentored Laurel Rosenberg, Founder and Creator of the BRAND "SIZZLING SENIORS." He also  starred in and coached the final editing strategy with both Laurel and  Heide Fliegner, Rollcallpictures, for the Sizzling Senior SIZZLING REELS, which were originally designed and produced to  visualize the idea and compliment the business plan.




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